Tepee Village Walbeck

The Tipi Village moves at the turn of the year 2016/2017. It was located on a small clearing next to the Waldfreibad Walbeck so far. The Geocaching-Event “TipiTipiTap im Gelderland D/NL” already took place here in 2014. The upcoming event will take place in the new area next to Walbeck castle.

Several modern tipis with a diameter ranging from six to eleven meters will be available which can be booked for accommodation as well.

The team of the Tipi Village offers numerous possibilities for Western-Fans as well as other people to feel like in their childhood days again.

Additional Impressions and the possibility to make reservations (e.g. for an accommodation in the village which is possible even during the event) can be found on the following web page:



Walbeck castle

The landmarked water castle has its origins in the 15th century and is also called House Walbeck. For a long time it has been an ancestral seat of the feudal lords of Walbeck. Since the early 20th century the castle has served lots of different purposes. Since 2014 it is a hotel.

The castle is located close to the Dutch border and next to the edge of the forest. Events frequently take place here – e.g. a medieval market or the so called Tolkien Days.


Village Geldern-Walbeck

The little village Walbeck with its more than 4,500 residents belongs to the city Geldern 7km away as part of the “Municipal Reorganisation 1969”. The village lies next to the Dutch border. The center of the village is tightly covered with buildings and surrounded by numerous modern neighbourhoods.

A few impressions can be found on the web page of Geldern:




Walbeck’s asparagus

Like usual in the whole region Walbeck is an agricultural village. Today Walbeck is known far beyond the lower rhine for its asparagus which many farms have specialised in growing – the asparagus farmers are largely organised in the only cooperative for asparagus farming of the world. “Asparagus from Walbeck” is an european protected geographical indication (PGI) since 2013 and tip amongst gourmets.