Houwgh !

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you:

  • our sponsors, thanks to you some ideas were possible at first.
  • our dealers and exhibitors, the tombolas would have become much smaller without you.
  • with our numerous helpers, you have filled the program with life and have always had an open ear for everyone.
  • for all other persons involved, you each had a share in the event.
  • and, of course, with our participants: we will do it for you, because an event will really come alive through you.

We Indians of the Rhineland read every logbook, and we are delighted with praise and blame – both will be integrated into the planning for the next TipiTipiTap.

Please think of the correct date when logging, so that you also get the souvenir picture for the event in your geocaching profile.

We also ask all Coin and TB owners to take their treasures out of the event.

The tribal council now clears the camp fire and goes on vacation.

See you soon in the forest –
your CacherTeamGeldern


A special thanks goes to the following teams:

*EnMa* FünfFreunde MoeMK Team Kreuz
Aine Ginoberka Mrs & Mr Ilex Team Susentrude
baribaline GreenSh4dow mrs.gumby Team76
Begley Haitower MrsPepperS The Aussie
Bieber 2012 heanigan NatureDragon98 the_dome
BigBrother73 Heidi211 Navigator47495 thohr
Blindscheiche74 HEMAE.NL Niersboot tigger1101
btjg hotelsierra1 old_general tim12jimmi
charly427 ichweissnicht63 paveflambe tomtaa
Chichou die Löwin illo qltel Turtle205
CiAZuCCHiNi jukili Rabe177 Turtle206
Der Viesi Kante Rainer1946 Vèn
Der Wombat Kissiezoekers Recreanten vt601
Di-Do krause..1 Rewimo Waldfee
Die Hackys larun Schatzsucher Geldern Waldhoer
DieGroppis Legolas. schnepphome WILK13
Dogtrio libby.de Shjara wilkoe
Eller40 Loerheidefloh SilverJohn wolsig52
Entonenteron maphikue SotiFuchs Xallaye
famiku Mellilie Supamama Zauberhut
Fat-Red MissJaneMarple Supapapa Zeresley
Florian.ME.6 MisterStringer Team BOJO NRW zompies
Thank you

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