Houwgh !

The hours to the event are getting less and less. We would like to give you some more information.

Pre-buyers will find their order in our checkpoint, centrally on the event grounds. Our team is available from 9am to 5pm. Please think of your pick-up ticket/collection note, so we can only hand you the order. The box-office and the bicycles for Saturday will also be here.

Who pre-ordered the breakfast in the castle, does not need to go the checkpoint beforehand, of course: you are expected from 8 clock in the castle.

The parking lot at the open-air bath (at TipiTipiTap 2014 event-ground) offers enough space for your cars as well. If you do not want to walk the route from there along the new caches, a waggon will regularly commutes between the open-air bath and the castle.

You still have questions ? Sign up with us.

We look forward to seeing you

Your CacherTeamGeldern

Parking-Lot, Waggon and Checkpoint

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