Houwgh !

In two weeks we can finally welcome you to the new Tepeevillage. The whole tribe is eager to make the final preparations, and under the bed of the chief is also cleaned again.

Unfortunately, there is a sad news: our lecturer Frank, who wanted to hold the “CPR – Caching People Rescue” workshop, was seriously injured and is not expected to be available until well after the event. Probably we will not find a substitute for him, so this workshop will be canceled according to current status. We advise the workshop participants to see if a parallel program point is possible for you.

You like the color pink? Then we have something for you: our Coindesigner Claudia from myGeocoin.de has also an “Artist-Edition” in the program this time. This limited coin is exclusively available at her myGeocoin.de online shop.

We look forward to seeing you –

Your CacherTeamGeldern

Two weeks only

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