Houwgh !

There are only a few weeks left to the event – you also notice that we have to order the shop articles with a longer delivery time now for you so that the stagecoaches arrive on time.

This time the t-shirts are in the line, which we can only offer you until the 1st of April. Very dressy and protects the covered spots against red skin (sunburns) 😉

If you want to learn something from the event, we have some workshops for you. For example, when you are Geocaching you don’t always think of First Aid. What you can think of in advance and how it will continue in an emergency, we recommend you the workshop “CPR – Caching People Rescue“.

If you are on the warpath with mystery caches, you can get a few introductory tips in the course “From Navajos and other mysterys“.

These and the other courses can be booked free of charge by our online shop, as long as there are vacancies. The workshops are held in german-language. Our workshop tipi has also already given new courses 😉

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T-Shirts and Workshops

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