We have news for you again:

The tribe is currently working on two bike routes around the Tepee-Village. We will publish these routes in the weeks before the event via our website. Of course you can also take the tours on your moccasins if you like, or you can hire a Niederrheinrad over our onlineshop.

For an early arrival: the Meet & Greet (GC71Z89) has now been released. On the evening of Friday, May 19th, we open the tepee-village for all to chat comfortably at the camp fire.

If you would like to take part in the Tepee-Village on saturday, or at one of the workshops:
Think in time to your ticket, before none is left. We can only offer you the event-coins until the end of this week (saturday-evening, on march 18th.). On the event itself these coins are not offered.

Stay tuned

Your CacherTeamGeldern

Meet & Greet, Bicycle-Routes and Preorder-News

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