Houwgh !

We would like to remind you of the start of our online shop with this smoke signal. The Shop can be found on Sunday, January 15, from 12 noon (high noon) on our website.

We presented the design of the Event-Coin last year – this will be available in three color-coordinated versions – matching the coins of the first TipiTipiTap. As in May 2014, there are two limited coins for participants, who would like to support our event.

This year’s coins are designed in such a way that they can be applied to the Marter pile from 2014 – so that both coins together form a picture. Of course, the new coins also look good on their own 😉

The actual event-coin can be pre-ordered until mid-March, then the limitation is fixed here also.

The T-Shirts with a brand new TipiTipiTap II design, will be orderable to the end of the online advance sale – here we will inform you again separately.

Important: the workshops and presentations are delayed because of a Stagecoach robbery; So we will come again, as soon as we offer them in the shop.

Your CacherTeamGeldern

Shop-Start on sunday

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